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The Balanced Build Up Contour Pad is ideal for those horses with narrow shoulders or a high, hard-to-fit wither. Ideal for under your favorite treeless saddle, but also can fit under any western saddle. These pads were designed to give your horse relief from the rigging placement on most treeless saddles and help a hard-to-fit horse get more comfort and balanced weight distribution from the saddle pad. 

The contoured built up balance pads not only help the narrow shoulder and wither area but continue throughout the pad to the mid back to help distribute the shock from our fast paced equine sports. 

  • Even Weight Distribution
  • Built in shims for narrow shoulders
  • Comfort and balance for your high withered horse
  • Lower rigging protection for your treeless saddle
  • 1" Pad Thickness
  • Reinforced Spine
  • Soft Build Up Contoured Center
  • Measures 31 X 32"

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