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Introducing THE PERFECT SEAT SADDLE – the ultimate solution for riders who want to feel more balance and give their horse more relief while riding.

Designed with a unique spine relief tree, this saddle offers unparalleled comfort and support for both the rider and the horse. The tree adjusts to the shape of your horse's back, while also providing a stable fit for the rider's seat.

But that's not all – THE PERFECT SEAT SADDLE also features a wide range of customizable options to ensure the perfect fit for every rider. Sizes 12-16” available to custom order. With the rigging style, you can easily adjust the saddle to suit your horse's needs and optimize their performance.

And let's not forget about the rider – with a well-crafted seat and ergonomic design, this saddle allows for maximum comfort and support. Say goodbye to aching backs and sore muscles – THE PERFECT SEAT SADDLE is the ultimate solution for any rider looking to improve their performance and experience.

So whether you're a competitive rodeo professional or enjoy a weekly jackpot, THE PERFECT SEAT SADDLE is the perfect choice for you and your horse. Don't settle for a mediocre ride – experience the ultimate comfort and performance with THE PERFECT SEAT SADDLE today.

  • Gullet: 7"
  • Bar Spread: 13" - Full QH bars
  • Horn Height: 3"
  • Cantle Height: 5"
  • Seat Size: 14.5"
  • Skirt length: 23"
  • Faux sheepskin underside
  • 45 degree bar angles